About Rob Millington

Over the years I have been involved in loads of projects for clients who have needed different things and as such, I have worn many hats. The early years of my career I was very focused on the tools and specialised in brand, digital & motion graphics. As my career progressed I naturally converged on digital. As web technologies improved my ability to think, and produce, creatively and consider the timeline was a real bonus. Due to my multi-faceted approach, I quickly realised that not all the challenges of a project lie at the computer and I started to get more involved in working with the clients. Extracting the briefs & needs. Speaking to users. Managing my team and managing projects. As I got more projects under my belt I realised that the brief given to us wasn't always the thing that needed to be fixed. 

It may seem a little arbitrary to list out what I consider my skillsets but I am keen to stress I offer more than pixel pushing (although I do still love the process of hunting down the right design for a problem). Find below a list of things I consider myself proficient at. I have recently started utilising my exposure to products & businesses, who have been going through change and growth, to provide insight and direction to startups. Being a little entrepreneurial myself I love these challenges so if you are need of some product advice get in touch!

  • Product Design and Ownership
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design & Research
  • Startup Product Direction
  • Visual Design and Brand Direction
  • Digital Marketing and SEO
  • Creative Team Leadership
  • Design Operations and Management


Notable clients & projects

  • NHS App for NHS Digital
  • New Websites for the Science Museum Group 
  • Websites for Dinner + Fat Duck for Heston
  • State of the Worlds Plants Website for Kew Gardens
  • New Website for Hawkins/Brown
  • Ad Campaign Website for Blackberry
  • Channel Rebrand for Syfy
  • Level Animations for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • CSR Website for Panasonic
  • Worldcup Website for Adidas
  • Channel Rebrand for Kommersant