Some great conversations with HawkinsBrown


While at The Neighbourhood I worked on a variety of projects for HawkinsBrown. Find a couple of my favorites below.

When I joined The Neighbourhood they had just completed a website for the HB team. Luckily a few years of growth they came back to us for an update. Alongside Neal Andrews we completed a indepth review of the old site - restructuring the IA where appropriate and suggesting changes to the tone of voice in critical parts of the site. This phase of work concluded with a indepth clickable wireframe prototype that I created in UXPin. It was the first time I've used this program but I really loved it - and the client really got on board with it. We created, and solved, just short 300 comments within UXPin!

Below is an exampe of one of the many UI animations I created along the way. I do this to test out ideas for page loads and menu animations. These are great ways of showing clients, and developers, what I'm thinking about.  

After getting the wireframes agreed, and any top level ideas for animation sorted, we started designing. This was a fairly chunky project so although I took lead on the design (still hands on) I had a couple of great designers (Dave & Tom) working alongside me. I love working like this as it just goes faster and the quality is exponentially better. 

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When HawkinsBrown turned 25 they asked us to help create a some things to make the day extra special. To celebreate they hired the RIBA building and put on a party followed by a month long exhibition. This isn't anything unusual but the main topic of the exhibition was: social. Must architectural studios birthdays usually consist of getting some nice photography done of their favorite projects and sitting back to bathe in the glory of themselves. The guys at HB wanted to explore the real foundations of their projects - the people they had meet along the way. I spent some time bouncing ideas around with one of the partners David Bickle and then lead the team to create several "social" installation pieces for the exhibition, using creative uses of technology to invite visitors to explore new ways of speaking about architecture. These included an Arduino powered LED lamppost (Built by Nik Ramage to capture live Q&As on the HawkinsBrown Twitter feed), a custom feed for David's Berg printer, an experimental hyperlapse film (showing 25 HawkinsBrown buildings) and a VVVV-based video (capturing the human use of physical space in the HawkinsBrown studio). We also created an illustration and animation (that now adorns the entrance to their studio) that captured some of their buildings and the people they meet along the way.